• I've been working on several new tracks that need to hit the Copyright Office before I post them here. Exciting!
    • Titles Include: Middle of It, Saturdating, Keeping It Inside, and an updated arrangement and mix of Stagefright
    • I'm also working on remixing Dave Grohl Rules, as there were several things that needed attention.
  • A couple new Compilation CD's were released in 2021 with my music featured:
    • Downtempo Chollout Lounge, Vol. 02
    • Electronica Maxima, Set 2
  • I've performed a couple Open Mic's in North Seattle recently. It's been about 20 years since I performed in front of an audience! It was super fun, and several people approached me afterwards to compliment my songs.
  • I've been submitting music through, and need to double my efforts (because I tend to procrastinate). My goal is to get my music into Film, TV, Gaming and Advertising.
  • Please let me know if you have any interest in using my music for your next project!


A little bit about me...

 So...A long story Short: I love music. So do you! I've got some tunes. You should check 'em out. It's a lot of fun, and it's just what I do. Now, please listen to one of my songs if you decide to read this TLDR tale. (Too Long Didn't Read)

I fell in love with recording in my teens. The "happy accidents" that happened with primitive recording of my band made it exciting. After a while, I found that I had a knack for dialing in a sound really quick, often to the amazement of others. How did you do that?! I dunno! It's fun! And it just comes naturally.

I graduated from CSUC (California State University, Chico). Yup - The Party School. Anyhooo, I went to school with some pretty cool folks, some of which have gone on to do great things: Ryan Freeland (Bonnie Raitt, Ray LaMontagne, etc.), Steve Baughman (Eminem, Dr. Dre, 50 Cent, etc.) and Cameron Webb (Motorhead, Sum 41, Kelly Clarkson, etc.). We all ended up in Southern California working with some incredibly famous people. I was at the Record Plant for about 4-5 years, and saw so many artists, celebrities and icons come through the doors, it was pretty mind-blowing. I recorded and mixed with world-famous engineers, producers and artists, and looking back almost 25-years's a blur. I'm glad I took notes, and I'm toying with extrapolating it into a Memoir. I digress.

Another Chico grad named Brad Doran hooked me up with my first Pro Tools system back in 2001. That one moment changed my life. I fell back in love with music, and I got in touch with why I started doing all of this in the first place.

I've been improving my songwriting, engineering, and production chops, letting my musical instinct drive things forward. Bowie once said, "There's that place you get to when you're in water that's deep enough that you can barely touch bottom: That's where interesting things can start to happen."

I'm really good at creating catchy hooks, ear candy, and weird arrangements. The songs I've written have an emotional connection to relatable subjects using clever wordplay and a unique sonic character.

I've featured friends and co-writers on vocals for a few songs. I enjoy the combined efforts of a songwriting partner. If it makes you feel something, remember someone or sometime - That's what it's all about. I love that part.

Thank you for listening - TJK

Which Song really stands out for you?

2021 Studio Sessions

2021 Studio Sessions


Wake Up 3.43 MB
Playing God 55.3 MB
Anything 54.1 MB
Never Let Me Down Again (Cover) Cover of Depeche Mode 10.6 MB
Hot Touch 27 MB

SoundCloud and Spotify


Spotify hasn't allowed me to manage my own music and upload some new tracks, so I've removed the player for now. I'll keep you posted here with any updates!


There are a few Compilation Albums available on iTunes and Amazon Music that have Todd's music featured. There is one that was titled after his featured song, "Life". These were all released through AudioSparx Music Library, which can be reached for Licensing information using the links below. 

  • Electronica Maxima, Set 2 - Various Artists -Featuring "Life..." - Released 2021 - © 2021 AUDIOSPARX
  • Downtempo Chillout Lounge, Vol. 2 - Various Artists - Featuring "Underneath The City" - Released 2021 - © 2021 The Big Cats Recording
  • All Aboard - Various Artists - Featuring "Country Girl" - Released 2021 - © 2021 AUDIOSPARX
  • The Spanish Way - Various Artists - Featuring "Different Bounce" - Released 2021 - © 2021 AUDIOSPARX
  • Piston Precision - Various Artists - Featuring "Underneath the City" - Released 2020 - © 2020 AUDIOSPARX
  • Life - Various Artists - Featuring "Life" - Released 2020 - © 2020 AUDIOSPARX
  • Deap: Electronic Ambient, Vol. 3 - Various Artists - Featuring "Find New Boundaries" - Released 2011 - © 2011 AUDIOSPARX
  • This is Country Music (Alternative), Vol. 6 - Various Artists - Featuring "Country Girl" - Released 2011 - © 2011 AUDIOSPARX



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